Our Story

Planet Narteos

Once upon a time, on different sides of the earth, there were two souls wandering around in a search for true art. They had trouble finding it so they both started a quest for fulfilling their destiny. They were searching everywhere, under stones, inside of lakes, under the butterfly wings, up in the stars and inside of the sun. But there was no sign of anything, especially not signs of true art. Then, on one rainy day, something unexpected happened. They bumped into each other, not even knowing that was the moment that would mark their lives forever. Since they decided to continue their journey together, they got to know each other better. They were laughing a lot and sometimes they had so much fun, they would even forget what they were looking for. Then, one day, on 09.06.2016, a strange planet, called Planet Narteos, appeared in front of them.
It was a planet full of colours, different shapes and innovations. They immediately noticed that people living there were very unusual creatures. They were all the time creating something while speaking in a language, yet unknown for our explores. Everything they were souranded with was cheerful and had some special meaning behind it. Almost everyone was wearing unique colourful rings where later they found out, each colour had some special meaning and was defining their personalities, such as a ring for sea lovers, wave ring, happy ring or candy ring. On Planet Narteos everything was alive, the trees were not green but yellow red and pink, the sky was in a colour of the rainbow and the sea was coloured in the most beautiful turquoise colour you have ever seen. On one tree there were growing apples, cherries, bananas and oranges. Houses were built in all kinds of shapes you could imagine. On almost every corner you could find something unique and unexpected, even the hangers inside of their houses had a lively shape of animal heads.
Once they saw this, our explorers knew this was a place where they want to be, live and create. In that moment they looked at each other and realized that not only they found the source of true art but it was true love that brought them there.
Since that day on, they live on Planet Narteos, creating and smiling, supporting each other and using the power of true love to create things that were always in their creative hearts. On this page, you can find the products they created on this unusual, beautiful and hidden planet, Planet Narteos.