Most important part of our journey.



In addition to the quality of the products, the Narteos team works extremely well on the packaging and visual presentation of the product you order from us. It is very important to us that the product you order is nicely wrapped, securely packaged and arrives within the timeframe we promised.

For this reason, you can be sure that we will wrap your order in our style, safely pack it so that the product is not damaged during transport, and if you want to add a greeting card or any detail, let us know when ordering and we will find the best possible solution for you. A good customer is a satisfied customer and that saying is sacred to us.


There are of course faster and slower delivery options. You can decide for yourself when you want to recieve the package. We deliver your package through trusted shipping companies like FedEx, Ups, DHL or Dpd. If you order products worth more than $ 150, your delivery is free if you are within Europe. If you are outside Europe, your delivery can still be free if you order a package worth more than $ 300.

Tracking number

With each order, you get a tracking number for your package, with which you can see at any time how package journey progresses. To check your tracking number you can click here.