Artwood Festival

As a student of applied arts and as a professor of fine arts, Ivana and Vanja met at Artwood. A seven-day art festival where they were supposed to make wooden sculptures on the shores of Zrće beach. Although a popular destination for lavish parties, they worked and create tirelessly because they still had a wonderful challenge ahead. During the creative process, enjoyment and humor, a spark of attraction was created which turned into a flame with a longer conversation. When they were not participating in art festivals, Ivana and Vanja lived at a distance of 280 kilometers. Before parting, they agreed on one promise – a meeting in Thailand in a month. Although they still did not know each other well, the deal seemed a bit unrealistic, but regardless of the situation, their relationship was sincere and they soon met again in Thailand.

Journey through Thailand

A trip to Thailand was a journey in a journey. Apart from the beautiful culture, nature and people, Thailand reserves every right to be called country of smiles. They met elephants on the road, rode a scooter where they were once robbed by monkeys, dyed their hair gold (because why not), drank pure fresh mangoes and traveled all over the state for almost a month. Their traveling speed was a little slow because Ivana had broken her leg before they met, but that made the trip even more interesting. During the trip, they got to know each other better and learned all sorts of things about each other. Their relationship grew exponentially and it didn’t take them long to find out how long they had been looking for each other.

When they returned to Croatia, they were now convinced and sure that their relationship had just begun a great journey. A journey that will change their lives.

The Essence Of Life

The distance of 280 kilometers did not stop Ivan and Vanja and they continued to see each other more and more often. They were not even aware that they had recently launched an avalanche of events that could not be stopped. Through their relationship, they realized they shared a lot of shared desires. One of those desires was to establish their own brand where they want to follow their unique designs and ideas. After that, Narteos was created. With Narteos, it was important to balance work and fun and not let one prevail.

Each of their years is filled with travel, fundamental research, illustration, education, participation in art colonies, attending quality exhibitions, holding free art workshops for children and youth, working on proactive innovations, social projects that affect social change … and that’s just a tip of the iceberg.

Traveling Junkies

As their most impressive encounter began with a long-distance journey since then they can hardly wait for the opportunity for another journey. They have always been and will be crazy about adventures. In the meantime, they visited great China, a country steeped in communism and an expanse of untouched amazing nature. They explored China from north to south.They visited the glamorous huge Shanghai and the grebes fishing for the locals. In the Philippines, they met a whole new culture, humble sweet people who are living in nature from paradise.

They also visited Morocco where they rode camels, explore the dunes of the Sahara, tried the finest national dish, fell in love with the blue city and tried every possible atraction there was to tried for tourist in Morocco. Traveling for them is definity addiction which they want to pursuit.

Most crutial partice

“We will not say that everything was always great and we never went through unpleasant obstacles. Of course we have! Everything does not always go exactly as we plan out and that is normal. Often you should just embrace the opportunities, let go of the flow a lot of times and just embrace upcoming. That is what we strive for every day. Because after all, we have only one opportunity in this life, one chance… so why not make the most of it?

We realized that we want to share business interests forever and that we want to do what we love to do with the person we love.

Something like that is an indescribable experience. All this is achievable only because one crucial component – love. Without that, nothing is possible, and as long as that torch burns, all roads are wide open. ”

We are two happy travelers who have found themselves in the right place at the right time and have been inseparable ever since.