Pina is an amazing candleholder that fits perfectly in combination with the Mag aroma lamp. Candle holders have always been the perfect gifts of attention that, according to old stories, hid the message: “Let your path always be lit, wherever you go.”

What’s the story?

The Pina is a simple stylized candlestick over which the illustration stretches. It is ideal for romantic dinners, a bottle of sweet wine and an atmosphere that it can complete with style.

Technical details

The product is made of ceramic, which is extremely light, as it is baked three times at 1150 ° C (2102 ° F). Such a procedure thickens the pores of the ceramic, which makes the ceramic extremely durable. Our products can be washed in the dishwasher. Each product is hand-shaped, hand-painted and classified with our trademark, which means that all our works are unique and that no two are the same. In our creative process we don’t use machines. For this reason, you must know that each ordered product’s shape and illustration style will deviate from the style shown here by a maximum of 5 %. The tones of presented colors are the same.

When sending a package, each product is well packaged in a protective box that allows the product to reach the customer safely and without damage.