Danny the Fish is a decorative fish that comes in larger and smaller shapes. The design of the fish shapes is stylized and their decorations are different. They are reminiscent of rest, sea and relaxation and are the perfect gift if you subtly want to tell someone that they need just that.

What’s the story?

This product was created as part of the development of souvenirs for the beautiful developed Adriatic coast. They deserve the name Danny fish because no other one suits them better.

Technical details

The product is made of ceramic, which is extremely light, as it is baked three times at 1150 ° C (2102 ° F). Such a procedure thickens the pores of the ceramic, which makes the ceramic extremely durable. Our products can be washed in the dishwasher. Each product is hand-shaped, hand-painted and classified with our trademark which means that all our works are unique and no two are the same. In our creative process we don’t use machines. For this reason, you must know that each ordered product’s shape and illustration style will deviate from the style shown here by a maximum of 5 %. The tones of presented colors are the same.

When sending a package, each product is well packed in a protective box that allows the product to reach the customer safely and without damage. Danny the Fish is a protected patent whose licenses are owned by Narteos.