We have long wanted to produce earrings that are appropriate for any dinner, outing or meeting. Jewelry reflects the soul of the person wearing it and these earrings contain illustrations that with their style cannot entice enthusiasm for the play of shapes and colors.

What’s the story ??

The idea behind the earrings comes from the collection of Lael rings, which were first created and were supposed to be paired with a set of earrings. They are an ideal gift for anyone who adores earrings that radiate with pure optimism.

Technical details

The product is made of ceramic, which is extremely light, as it is baked three times at 1150 ° C (2102 ° F). Such a procedure thickens the pores of the ceramic, which makes the ceramic extremely durable. Each product is hand-shaped, hand-painted and classified with our trademark, which means that all our works are unique and that no two are the same. In our creative process we don’t use machines. For this reason, you must know that each ordered product’s shape and illustration style will deviate from the style shown here by a maximum of 5 %. The tones of presented colors are the same.  The earrings come in three sizes. They are glazed on both sides and the metal that is placed in the ear is coated with a metal alloy that does not cause allergies.

When sending a package, each product is well packed in a protective box that allows the product to reach the customer safely and without damage.