Tedai hangers are hangers that are modeled in a polygonal style which means that their shape is built with cut flat surfaces. They are represented through four different forms of African animals – lioness, hippopotamus, gorilla and rhino. They are an ideal gift for anyone who loves animals and wants to decorate the hallway with these modern hangers, a children’s room or a business office where colorfulness is lacking.

What’s the story?

Hangers are the answer to all the simple hangers that had no story but only served a purpose without any decorative value. These hangers came with the task of forever remembering African greats who are not far from the brink of extinction even though they are so dominant, relentless and beautiful. They can only serve as decoration but their primary purpose is to hang clothes.

Technical details

The product is made of ceramic in combination with polycarbonate. The pottery is extremely light, as it is baked twice at 1150 ° C (2102 ° F). Such a procedure thickens the pores of the ceramic, which makes the ceramic extremely durable. Each hanger is coated with acrylic paint which is very durable. The back layer of the hangers is a two-component UV varnish that protects the paint from damage and fading. Each hanger comes with a screw and insert for a knauf or concrete wall. Each hanger can withstand a weight of up to 10 kg, which means that it will easily hold even the most rugged jackets.

When sending a package, each product is well packed in a protective box that allows the product to reach the customer safely and without damage. Tedai polygonal hangers are a protected patent whose licenses are owned by Narteos.